SodaStream Australia

SodaStream wants every Aussie to have sparkling water at the tip of their fingers! In 2016 there was a real problem with people’s distorted perception towards sparkling water and a need to find a point-of-difference in a highly crowded space.

Spark was tasked with developing a social media and content strategy to build a strong relationship with the target audience; grow brand affinity and, ultimately, drive sales.

We developed a strategic plan, working closely with HQ and all agencies involved to ensure messaging aligned. Spark produced a range of original content including cocktail videos, photography, GIFs, cinemagraphs and bespoke advertising products. Since working with Spark, SodaStream has strengthened its social presence and secured its relationship with its audience.


  • SodaStream has the highest engagement across its competitors despite having the smallest audience
  • Content created by Haystac for SodaStream Australia are the most widely syndicated throughout SodaStream’s global pages
  • Over 135,000 engagements on its Au Facebook page in 2016 – doubling that of its global page!
  • SodaStream Australia hit a high sales record for the first time in 24 months. The sales increase was directly attributed to the new social strategy and an increased activity via the social campaign