ANZ Netball Nation

ANZ wanted to demonstrate its support of netball across the entire community, from the grassroots to the social and Club players, all the way up to the elite ‘and everyone in the game’.

Spark created something bigger than a campaign. We created a Netball Nation.

The platform was an online hub that unified all assets and conversations and connected them to ANZ, through their shared passion for netball. We focused content on social and community netballers, not just juniors and elite players. Using handpicked ambassadors, we created informative and engaging training drills, skills and fitness videos. We then introduced a grants program open to all netballers across Australia and celebrated with National Netball Day – an annual day to recognise one of Australia’s largest team-participatory sports.


  • Website received 35,961 unique visitors with an average dwell time of 4.85 minutes
  • Record social media metrics, exceeding every KPI by an average of 277%
  • Record editorial coverage
  • #NationalNetballDay trended on Twitter
  • “Our Netball Nation” video viewed by more than 167,000 people
  • The grants program received 933 applications, 17% over the set KPI.
  • Awareness of sponsorship hit record level of 23% unprompted
  • The impact of the sponsorship saw 73% of people believe ANZ to be more ‘community minded’, achieving ANZ’s goal to put community at the heart of all activity
  • 32% felt “more positive towards ANZ” – outstripping all other ANZ sponsorships, including Australian Open Tennis